• You’ve Got Mail!

    You’ve Got Mail!

    You filled out the style quiz, left a detailed style note for your stylist and placed a request. We know you are super excited to see what she’s picked for you, especially if it’s your first time with us. You’ll soon get an message saying that your request is ready to view! To make sure […]

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  • The Petite Body Shape Guide

    The Petite Body Shape Guide

    Wearing outfits that are not only stylish but also highlight our favourite features is a sure-shot way to exude confidence. As a petite body shape, along with dressing for your body shape, your height and proportions matter, too. To make sure you get outfits that work for your proportions, here are some tips to keep […]

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  • Dressing For Your Body Shape

    Dressing For Your Body Shape

    What we wear and how we look is an inseparable part of our life, whether it’s corporate or casual, or party. In today’s world, being fashionable comes down to self-love and being comfortable in your own skin. Looking good comes from feeling good and confident. There is no standard body shape and size anymore. As […]

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  • Style Tips for Tall Women

    Style Tips for Tall Women

    With the average Indian woman being 5.3”, finding outfits can be time-consuming if you are above the average. When you are above 5.7” it is assumed that you have got it right with your modelesque height. But in reality, all those extra inches can mean a struggle to find the dress with the length of […]

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  • What To Wear To Work

    What To Wear To Work

    Heading back into the office and finding yourself wondering what you should wear when. Better to wear a skirt or a pair of pants? Kurta or dress? Flats or heels? Hitting the right balance between professionalism and fashionable can be tricky. Fortunately, we’re here to guide you! The four workwear dress codes that we hear the […]

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  • The Big Bust Guide

    The Big Bust Guide

    The curvy figure with a big bust can be a source of pride for many women but also a source of concern for others. And there may be occasions when you want to flaunt the girls but other occasions when you want to conceal them. We get it, so we put together some tips to […]

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