The Pear Shape Body Guide

The Pear Body Shape, also known as the Triangular Body Shape is the most common body shape for Indian women. 60% of Indian women have the Pear Body Shape! No matter what features you want to flaunt (or hide), we’re here to help you dress your pear-shaped figure.

What is Pear Body Shape?

Your hips are wider than your shoulders. You also have fuller thighs and rear. 

A handy style guide for the pear-shaped body

Tips and tricks for Dressing A Pear Shaped Body

If you are pear-shaped, you create balance by adding more emphasis to your upper half and de-emphasizing your bottom half. We have plenty of options to get you that right here!

Top Wear: 

You can highlight your upper half in various ways.

  1. Have detailing on your upper half with ruffling, beading, or collar. 
  2. Wear wide necklines such as Cowl, Sweetheart, or V-necklines.
  3. Bright colors and bold patterns are a great pick
  4. Bell sleeves will help to balance their upperparts.

With this body shape, wear fitted and structured tops, that highlight your shoulder and draw attention to your waist.

Add Layers:

Layers are a great way to add some visual weight to your upper half, whether it’s a jacket, coat, or light layer.

  1. Pear shapes look great in A-line and princess cuts, waist-length jackets, and any piece of outerwear that hits mid-thigh. 
  2. Boxy coats can totally work on you
  3. A cropped style will emphasize your waist.

Yes to the Dresses:

As a pear shape body, you have plenty of different options in dresses. 

  1. Dropped and embellished necklines, open backs, dramatic sleeves, and belted styles will all play up your more slender upper body. 
  2. A-line styles also look fantastic on you and the same goes for skirts too. 
  3. Any hemline that hits right below the knee will elongate your frame and slenderize the hips and thighs. 
  4. Maxi styles are right up your alley.

Bottom Wear:

Choosing the right bottoms for the pear shape is key to balancing out your proportions. Here are a few tips for your bottom:

  1. Wear dark-colored bottoms such as navy, black, grey, or brown.
  2. Bootcut and flare denim styles are a great pick for you.
  3. If you’re into flares, a floor-grazing fit over heels will look good on you.


Accessories are the finishing touch to any style. The statement or chunky earrings, and layered necklaces that hit above the bust were made for you. A wide-brimmed hat will also do wonders for a few.

Celebrities with Pear-Shaped Bodies are:

  1. Jennifer Lopez
  2. Malaika Arora Khan
  3. Ileana D’Cruz
  4. Shakira
  5. Michelle Obama, and many more.
Ileana D’Cruz Credit: South Indian Fashion

Everybody is unique and different – you might not be a complete pear shape body or even a mix of two body shape types. Start with these guidelines and experiment with what flatters you! 

If all this talk of dressing up your pear shape has made you eager to try new styles right now, take your style quiz on StyleNook and ask your stylist to pick out items just for you! 

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