How To Get The Most From StyleNook!

Tips on filling your profile, style note, feedback

Trying to discover one’s own personal style can prove to be incredibly difficult. 

The amount of reality television shows that have made rounds on style makeovers in the past two decades alone can confirm that statement. Shows like “Queer Eye” and TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” “Extreme Makeover” and the Glamour’s “Elevator Makeover,”continue to grace TV screens and OLTs, playing an ever crucial role in the ever-changing, dynamic idea of what it means to have a personal stylist.

The cast of Queer Eye as they get ready for a makeover session

But how can you make the most of hiring a personal stylist? And how do you use their guidance to find your personal style and express yourself in the best way possible? Well, fret not, we’ve said before, and we will say it again – at StyleNook we want to make fashion accessible and comfortable for the women of today. Part of what makes StyleNook special is the relationship you build with your personal stylist. The more feedback you give and the more you share, the more your stylist will understand your style and fit preferences. Like any good relationship, the more you share with your stylist, the better your experience will be!

Your Style Profile

  • Tell us your sizing details – Make sure to not only put in your measurements but, what kind of fit you like, any specific items that are a especially problematic to find the perfect fit for you, Let us know what are your fuss areas and please do share what’s current – we keep your information private and confidential! 
  • Tell us your style preferences – The style mood boards are meant to capture how you feel about a collection – just let us know how you feel about the entire collection. We are trying to understand what you really can’t stand.
  • Your budgets – We ask you for your budgets so you can tell us what you usually spend. Pick the option that reflects what you normally spend on items and knowing how items are priced in the market.
  • Your preferences on fabric, prints and colors – A stylist will always want to experiment and help you discover new looks that are you! However please do indicate aspects that you completely dislike when it comes to fabrics, fits, colours, prints or even items. This way your stylist knows what to focus on.  

The good news is filling this quiz takes less than 7 minutes and you are saved from all those hours of browsing. Want to ace the quiz and set up the best profile ever? More tips out here.

Note For Your Stylist 

In addition to your Style Profile, which tells us about your general size and style preferences, you can share specific details for each request. This is the best place to include trends you’d like to try, pieces your wardrobe is missing at the moment or any special occasions coming up. You can include requests like:

  • Special Occasions: Let us know in the comments if you have something important coming up. Going to a wedding? Have a job interview? Or an important first date? Tell your Stylist what’s on your calendar.
  • Trips: Dressing for an out-of-town adventure, like a vacation? We’re envious! Let us know where you’re headed so we can include appropriate attire (ex. A beach vacation in Maldives or a family vacation to Coorg).
  • Trends: Are there any current trends you’ve been wanting to try out? Tell us what’s inspired you lately. 
  • Seasonal Requests: What are you most excited to wear this summer, monsoon or winter ? Is your closet missing some key pieces for the change in weather? Tell us what items you’d like to refresh for the current or upcoming season.
  • Style Inspirations: Any celebrity or specific genre you love and would like to have in your wardrobe. Tell us! You can share links of anything that is on your mind.
Your note to the stylist is the spot to ‘speak’ to her

To get more tips on how to write the best note ever, you can see what our happy clients do here.

Feedback on the pieces you get

When you check out the pieces your stylist has selected for you, this is the BEST time to let us know what you did and didn’t like about each item picked for you. This helps us pinpoint style and prices for your next request. In addition to overall feedback, you can leave detailed notes for each item.

Here’s what is helpful to hear:

  • Tell us WHY: In order to style you the best we can, we need to know why you did or did not like something. Be specific. Instead of saying “This was not my style,” elaborate with “I didn’t like this style because my knees will be seen.” Other suggestions include color, pattern, fabric and cut.
  • Try an ‘If’ Statement: Fill in the blank: “This would’ve worked if________.” Often times we choose pieces that were close to working but needed minor tweaks. Let us know what would’ve been better so we can be better the next time around.

Most importantly, we want you to have fun with your shopping experience, it should feel easy and fun, not like added work. These steps are meant to help us understand you and make your shopping experience amazing! Happy Shopping!

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