How To Work With A Stylist

Trust and communication are at the heart of any successful relationship – that’s what we’ve learned throughout our lives. The same applies to working with a personal stylist – it’s a relationship, a journey and not a transaction. 

At StyleNook the client-stylist relationship is at the heart of our service. Planning to partner with us or any other stylist ? We’d love to share a few tips that allows you to get results that make you scream in delight when you work with a personal stylist (IRL or virtually).

Communication is key in the stylist-client relationship

Tips for working with a personal stylist

  • Be VERY detailed AND HONEST with your stylist. Let your stylist know what you are all about and what you are expecting, along with what you won’t be able to do at all. Your stylist is not a magician who can wave a magic wand and you’ll have cute outfits – it’s a partnership. Also give her feedback on what’s working and what’s not
  • In fashion it’s not always easy to articulate what you are looking for in words. Share visuals, pinterest boards or even links of influencers/images so your stylist understands what is catching your eye. 
  • Following up on that point, be realistic in your expectations :). Don’t expect a designer gown at 1/20th of the price without compromising on quality or fit. Your stylist can help you get a certain look within your budget but keep market realities in mind. 
  • Fit is a fundamental part of clothing and your size label is only one factor. Tell your stylist about any fit challenges you’ve experienced in the past -are tops are always too short, or sleeves are too long. (At StyleNook we classify women into one of 65 body shapes – that’s how unique we all are.) Also let your stylist know what kind of fits you feel best in – it’s not about what’s “typical” for your body, but what you feel good in. 
  • Finally keep an open mind and have fun ! Being adventurous and open to new ideas is part of the fun in fashion! A stylist’s goal is to help you discover your personal style, so that involves showing you pieces you might not expect or buy for yourself. Don’t immediately shut yourself down to that option or else you remain in the same style zone you’re in.

At StyleNook we’ve built a form that allows us to understand these preferences and requirements. We also collect feedback on each piece sent. All this information helps paint a holistic picture of what styles work best for our customers, and ensure that our customers feel amazing!

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