The Ins And Outs Of A Personal Stylist

What do personal stylists do ? Why would you want one?

Stylists help you decide what works best for YOU!

In every woman’s life, there comes a time where she is bored of her wardrobe and finds herself using only about 30% of her closet. This happens because she doesn’t know what she can pair with what, there  are some impulse buys (that may still have the tag on) and some just don’t fit her right. The process of finding new  outfits can be stressful and an endless one. When we have a plethora of options in front of us with not enough understanding of what can work for our body shape, sense of style and other requirements, that’s when it is great to have expert advice. Whenever we have aspects that we are not the best in, we look to others for advice and guidance. Similarly when we want to change our fashion game, we seek out a style expert i.e a  personal stylist.

But what is a stylist and what do they do?

By definition, a personal stylist is an expert whose job is to guide clients to pick the right outfits outfits and give style suggestions that are relevant to the client.The aim is help the clients  make good picks for users  keeping in mind certain points like silhouettes, colors, textures, time of day, occasion, etc. 

Personal stylists go by a variety of names – they are also known as image consultants, personal shoppers, style consultants, fashion advisors, etc. All essentially meaning that they are guides for individuals to make fashion choices. 

The main part of a personal stylist’s job is to listen and understand a client’s requirement and to ensure they provide a premium service with a style guide that works for that client specifically. Each of us is unique and our style should represent that. The aim is for the client to come away looking great and feeling good about themselves.

Why do you need a stylist?

A stylist is not going to throw away your whole wardrobe and make you buy a whole new one, nor are they going to pick the most high-end runway couture pieces for your daily wear.

The common assumption is that women in their 40’s and up, make up the majority of the personal styling clientele and the other assumption is that it is mainly people with a lot of disposable income. The reality is that in countries where the concept of personal stylists is well known and established, the clientele is made up of 50 % women and 50% men, of all ages and budgets.

In reality, there are many types of people who require and do benefit from using the services of a stylist and personal shopper. Here are a few reasons that people use or require a personal stylist:

  • Guests attending weddings or important events
  • Interns or graduates starting their first jobs 
  • Post Promotion
  • Men needing a bespoke suit, but having no idea where to start
  • Bridal Styling & Custom-Made dresses
  • People buying gift vouchers for partners/sons/daughters
  • Women on maternity leave returning to work
  • When you’re stuck in a style rut
  • When you want to expand your style to stand out from the crowd
  • Clients with time constraints 
  • A life changing experience
  • Transitioning from one gender to another
  • Companies updating their image

These are just some of the reasons people hire or look out for personal stylists. A personal stylist in real life can be used every day by everyone but often the cost of retaining one does not make it feasible. However now thanks to technology this service is affordable for every woman for her everyday needs. StyleNook is leading this change in India by using technology and a stylist to make it easier for women to discover their own personal style.

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