The Story of StyleNook

Today’s Indian woman is adventurous, curious and bold. She is taking on many things, one step at a time. But this also means that we have a lot to do and hardly any time to do them all! Amidst all of this, it can get difficult to find clothes that do three things – allow you to express who you are; be apt for  situations and make you feel comfortable. 

StyleNook Founders: Kuntal Malia and Arti Gupta

Arti Gupta and Kuntal Malia went through the same several years ago. They love clothes and love experimenting. However as life got busy, they were always falling short of time to find new styles that worked for them. They wondered if they could build a new shopping experience where everything is meant to be in your size, your price and your style. A personal stylist/shopper has always been available but at a heavy cost and time. What data allowed them to do was take this aspect of a personal stylist/shopper–someone who knows you really well, makes selections on your behalf, and has you try things on and then listens to you–accessible to more people. This is what led to StyleNook.

StyleNook is an online personal styling service that makes it easier for you to find clothes and accessories that you love. Whether you love having a stylist pick outfits just for you, enjoy trying new trends or simply don’t like to shop, we make finding new clothes easy and fun.

The StyleNook team of personal stylists  comprises fashion stylists, celebrity stylists, image consultants and wardrobe experts. They want to make your shopping experience effortless, hassle-free and fun! The service focuses on getting women clothes they love without taking lengthy shopping trips and returning dozens of items. Instead of blindly focusing on discounts or fad trends, StyleNook makes fashion relevant to the end user by adding a touch of personalisation and understanding her preferences, measurements and expectations. 

When retail started booming in the 1900s in the western world, the idea was to make fashion available to the masses at economies of scale. It has been a 100 years and we live in the technologically most advanced times that humankind has ever seen, and yet largely fashion retail remains the same. As a user you browse through thousands of items to find something you love, and often you don’t find anything that works for you.

StyleNook works by blending algorithms that do a lot of heavy-lifting  with human stylists that add a personal touch. This ingenious blend has been perfected to the t, just so that every woman can enjoy the benefits of having a personal stylist pick outfits just for her.

How Does It Work?

Being able to find something that hits your vibe has been solved in music by Spotify and movies by Netflix. StyleNook is solving this problem in the fashion space. This is a new shopping experience where everything is in your size, your price and your style by using technology to bring in the human touch of a style expert. You visit  and take the style quiz. Based on the responses, the StyleNook algorithms and the stylist pick 10-15 pieces and create ensembles for you to pick from. You view the pieces, buy whatever you like and let the stylist know what you thinks. This entire process happens online. Think of this like Netflix that can start showing you exactly what you want to watch but much better since there are actual human stylists involved!

If you are ready to say goodbye to endless browsing and hello to discovering new styles that hit your vibe, head over to Welcome to the new and BETTER way to find clothes that you will fall in love with!

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