A Guide For Your Style Profile

At StyleNook, we’re all about using technology to make it easier for you to find clothes that you love. But algorithms aside, the human aspect that our personal stylists provide is the secret in the sauce. Here’s how to give your personal stylist the info that she needs—in the Style Quiz—for a fantastic experience. 

The quiz allows your stylist to understand your style vibe

1. Take your style quiz, Seriously!

Taking your Style Quiz is the obvious first step. But the key is to complete the whole thing. Besides, it takes less than 7 minutes (much less than it takes to get to the mall, even with no traffic or browse online endlessly). Once you are done, that’s it – this profile remains with us always. You just need to fill it once to discover a stress-free and fun shopping experience.

2. Sharing is caring

Tell us your sizing details – Make sure to not only put in your measurements but, what kind of fit you like, any specific items that are a especially problematic to find the perfect fit for you, Let us know what are your fuss areas and please do share what’s current – we keep your information private and confidential!

3. Your pictures are helpful

Let your personal stylist see who you are by uploading a photo of yourself – it doesn’t have to be a perfect picture but one that shows who you are. Upload a recent one from your phone. Just helps to give her a bit of a sense of who you are!

4. Your vibe when it comes to style 

The style images are meant to capture how you feel about a collection – just let us know how you feel about the entire collection. We are trying to understand what you really can’t stand. Don’t worry about individual pieces in the collection.

Think of the collection as a window display in a store

5. What you’re ok paying 

We ask you for your budgets so you can tell us what you usually spend. Pick the option that reflects what you normally spend on items and know how items are priced in the market. We all love good deals, but please keep in mind your stylist can’t pick fabulous unique great quality stuff with low budgets. 

6. Be specific 

If you don’t wear sleeveless tops, make sure that’s clear. If there are items you don’t want sent, note that too. If there are colors you hate, tell them. The stylists are good at their jobs, but they aren’t mind readers, so they’ll have no way of knowing you hate something if you don’t indicate it. 

7. Keep it current

Your personal stylist reviews your Profile every time – that’s how important it is. A simple glance at your stats occasionally takes mere seconds, but has a great impact on helping the stylist pick items for you. Take a look at your style profile when you place a request  –  could be a new season, you’ve just seen what’s in your closet or you’re into trying new colors, items, trends, etc. 

Ready to give it a go? Start with your Style Profile or update your profile occasionally if you’re a current client.

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