You’ve Got Mail!

You filled out the style quiz, left a detailed style note for your stylist and placed a request. We know you are super excited to see what she’s picked for you, especially if it’s your first time with us. You’ll soon get an message saying that your request is ready to view! To make sure that you have a fantastic experience, we’ve put together some tips for you. 

Get set to see what your stylist has picked

1) Read the note from your stylist 

If she were face to face with you, this is the time your personal stylist would tell you how she went about picking the items – what she kept in mind and what her overall vision was for you to look your very best. 

Note from your stylist

2) Read your own note 

Never a bad idea to refresh your memory ! See what you’ve told her so you can understand what has led to the picks.

3) Take a look at all your picks

The edit gives you a quick idea about what she has put together for your request, however the magic is in the details. So do take a look at each product in detail. 

4) Style tips just for you

For every product your stylist would have written tips on why the product is great for your frame, or how to pair it with other items or how this item complements some of your previous purchases from us. Read it so you know how to use this product. The tips are always available in your history even for pieces you don’t buy.

Detailed product view with style tips

5) The extra details

Along with the style tip, there are other details for every item picked for you. Your stylist will mention the size that is picked – Indian sizes are not standardised so she picks items based on your body measurements. Pay attention to that aspect instead of the size label. You can also see where a dress/kurta would fall – this is determined by your height and the length of the product. Take a look at the additional product details as well to know more about more the pick. Go through it so you know what has been picked for you. 

6) The look maketh the woman

What makes every person unique in their look is how an outfit finally comes together on them. Don’t focus on the individual piece as much as what the stylist has indicated on how each item comes together. Maybe the top seems too boring but often it is a simple top that works well for a particular frame paired with interesting accessories that make someone look stunning. 

7) Feedback is always helpful 

Remember you have a relationship with your personal stylist and communication is always helpful. When you check out the pieces your stylist has selected for you, this is the BEST time to let us know what worked and didn’t work for you. This helps us pinpoint style and prices for your next request. You can leave overall feedback – make sure you are conveying what you felt. 

8) We really love details 

Aside from the overall feedback you can also leave notes for each item that you’ve seen. 

Here’s what is helpful to hear:

  • Tell us WHY: In order to style you the best we can, we need to know why you did or did not like something. Be specific. Instead of saying “This was not my style,” elaborate with “I didn’t like this style because my knees will be seen.” Other suggestions include color, pattern, fabric and cut.
  • Try an ‘If’ Statement: Fill in the blank: “This would’ve worked if________.” Often times we choose pieces that were close to working but needed minor tweaks. Let us know what would’ve been better so we can be better the next time around.

9) Easy returns and refunds policy 

We know that clothing is a touch and feel scenario, so you might be able to make a decision only after you try it on. For this reason, we’ve kept our returns policy extremely easy and simple so that you can try an item from the comfort of your home. The process is quite simple – if you don’t like something, just get in touch with our customer service and it will be taken care of. 

Finally, keep an open mind and have fun ! Being adventurous and open to new ideas is part of the fun in fashion! A stylist’s goal is to help you discover your personal style, so that involves showing you pieces you might not expect or buy for yourself. Don’t immediately shut yourself down to that option or else you remain in the same style zone you’re in. 

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