Clothing Hacks For The Tummy

Muffin top, bulge, food baby – all cute names for the tummy that most of us are not thrilled about. Having been at home for over two years and being in PJs, more than 55% of women come to us asking for styles that will taking their bulging tummy into consideration. Well we have some tips for you to keep in mind when you go out shopping!

1. Skip (tight) clothes

If you don’t want to expose your belly, pair your tighter tops with bottoms that are loose & comfortable which will camouflage your belly. 

2. Build a 3-code colour scheme

This is, by far, the most trusted & reliable tip. While dressing yourself up, aim to pair a dark colour top with a dark colour bottom from a range of colours. Black is a popular colour for slimming but it can be other colours such as brown, navy blue, grey, red etc. In order to create a contrast effect, then pair the internal outfit with a lighter colour open jacket which plays a big role in hiding your belly and creating a stylish look for you. 

3. Say no to skinny belts

Skinny belts are often suggested, however, it doesn’t always work out well. Pairing up a white colour skinny belt with a black dress, will attract the attention towards the tummy, which is something we want to avoid!

4. Slip on the peplum style

Peplum designs are definitely recommended designs for concealing your belly. The biggest challenge here is to select the right kind of peplum design. A key tip in this choice is to ensure your ruffles are long enough to cover the bulge that you want to. 

5. Wear hems which are asymmetrical

Asymmetrical designs are extremely effective. This is because they are shorter on one side & longer on the other, so people will focus more on the design & not your tummy. A few asymmetrical tops and kurtas can be a good add to your closet!

6. Everything = High waist

High waisted clothes work wonders for hiding the belly. You can opt for high waisted pants, jeans or skirts, for your closet and enhance your dressing style especially for concealing your tummy. 

7. Wear a ruched design

Ruched design is a strip or layers of fabric strips that are pleated to create a ripple-effect. This type of clothing is extremely effective in taking care of the bulge. Get clothes that create this especially in the midriff region, in dresses and long tops to ensure they have a combination of style & comfort. 

8. Wear a shift dress

A shift dress with simple lines streamlines the body and makes it flow from shoulder till your waist so it’s really comfortable and flowy. A shift dress also has plenty of space to move around, which will avoid drawing attention to your belly.

9. Avoid paper bag pants

Paper bag styled pants are not recommended for those wanting to not draw attention to their belly. Regardless of how cute they are, this style draws a lot of attention to the belly. So, stay clear of this style if you are looking to hide the muffin top.

10. Stay away from front button jeans

Though the front button jeans is one of the ‘hip’ trends which is on every fashion blogger’s list ; unfortunately, they are designed to focus on your tummy & we are looking for the opposite! Thus, we do not recommend front button jeans for hiding your belly.

We hope you find these tips useful ! Stay tuned for the second part of the hacks in this series coming soon.

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