The Best Fabrics For Summer 2022

We are all finally going out and about after months of being locked in, but gosh it can be tough to keep looking classy when the heat continues to wreak havoc on the skin. 

During the summer, it is feasible to appear smart and attractive while feeling cool (and not having sweat patches). It’s all about selecting the fabric that you can count on when the temperature rises. Cotton is one obvious choice. But there other breathable, lightweight fabrics make you comfortable while still looking fashionable.

Let’s see the best fabrics that will keep you cool in the summer.


Cotton fabric is one of the most popular natural breathable fabrics. It is one of the most frequently used and long-lasting fabrics on the planet in today’s era. It is breathable because of its microscopic hollow holes and discharges perspiration more easily.

Cotton fabrics enable air to circulate and keep the body cool by quickly drying off the sweat. Cotton is a versatile fabric that may be used for a wide range of applications.

Cotton weaves include flannel, muslin, terry fabric, sateen, gauze, velveteen, and sailcloth. Cotton, naturally, is the most popular summer fabric. This natural and lightweight fabric is excellent for wearing throughout the summer.

Comfortable fits in cotton are summer favorites


Khaddar, also known as khadi, is a cotton-based handmade textile. Khadi cloth rose to prominence in India during the Swadeshi Revolution and has expanded around the world since then. While earlier khadi was prominently seen only in very traditional attire, these days the fabric is also used by designers in interesting styles – you won’t even realise it’s khadi till it gets pointed out.


Silk is an excellent summer fabric. It is antimicrobial and has a protein-rich framework that enables optimal ventilation. Because of its capacity to regulate the climate, silk is frequently regarded as a climate fabric. The fabric also retains water and enables your skin to breathe. This is a great option especially for evening wear.


Sheer is the most popular summer fabric right now. Unlike other thick fabrics, sheer does not stick to you in the summertime. Tulle, lightweight crochet, organza, and lace are all available in sheer patterns for a stunning summer look. 

Sheer fabrics are very popular among Indian designers. According to them, sheer adds beauty and refinement to Indian clothing. Sheer has been a part of the Indian Fashion Week seasons for many years and has consistently risen in popularity through the years.

Organza’s lightweight quality makes it perfect for occasion wear in summer


Linen is an organic fabric made of flax fibers. This plant requires special care during the development stage due to the absence of flexibility in the fibers. It is claimed to be among the oldest fabrics in the world.

Linen is a popular fabric in the summertime due to its breathability and durability. In comparison to cotton, linen is two or three times harder and has high heat conductivity. This is the most permeable material available. It’s also quite compact and easy to wash.

Indian brands are creating new styles in linen this summer


Come summertime and your beloved jeans suddenly become the pieces that you avoid the most. We don’t blame you ! The denim fabric is not forgiving in summer time. You’ll be drenched in seconds, and since denim isn’t absorbent, it will also weigh you down. You do have an option – chambray!

It looks exactly like denim, and offers the same comfort and characteristics that cotton or linen do.Chambray is also just as versatile and offers that ‘casual edginess’ that you’re looking for when it comes to your denims.

Styles made in chambray are perfect for relaxed summer moments


The general standard for summer is to avoid any man-made fabrics and to just stick to natural fabrics. However at StyleNook, we are all about different hacks and the rayon fabric is our one for summer time.

Rayon is a seamless blend of cotton, wood pulp along with other natural and synthetic fibers. Rayon is often used in styles where silk would have been , thereby giving you stylish options that don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Just like other fabrics listed her, rayon also has really fine fibers allow air to move freely. The fabric will refrain from sticking to your body, thus making it great for all day wear.

Don’t allow the heat to mar your style quotient; rather wear breathable fabrics in great styles during the summer. Keep these tips in mind while shopping or let our stylists do all the heavy lifting and find you those stylish summer pieces. Take your style quiz now with and get a stylist to pick options that work for you during summer!

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