The Big Bust Guide

The curvy figure with a big bust can be a source of pride for many women but also a source of concern for others. And there may be occasions when you want to flaunt the girls but other occasions when you want to conceal them. We get it, so we put together some tips to make the most of those curves.

Tips for the big bust 

Often the question arises – should you or shouldn’t you emphasise a big bust? Your curvy body can be styled in a way that works to your advantage. It is not necessary to hide your cleavage under layers of clothing to appear stylish. Here are a few tips to get that amazing silhouette.

  1. Balance proportions

It’s vital to highlight the waist to balance out your body proportions. Choose tops or dresses that hug your waist to draw attention away from your bust and onto your waist. Wrap-around tops and dresses are an excellent choice for you. Whether you’re wearing a shirt dress, a shift dress, or a wrap dress, the key is that it should hug your curves.

  1. Suitable neckline

You can avoid high-necked clothes as they make your breasts appear larger. V-neck tops and dresses, which optically stretch the neckline are a good choice. A heart neckline is also a good choice for you because of its curved contours.

  1. Flowing fabrics

If wider cut tops are your go to, you can always choose loose, flowing fabrics. These tops can also have a stretching effect, especially with vertical lines in the pattern. Even casually cut trousers (such jeans in the boyfriend style or culottes) and A-line skirts can establish an optical balance to your chest.

  1. Suitable Jewellery

If you want to spice up your outfit with statement jewellery – opt for bracelets or earrings instead of necklaces. Necklaces with large pendants that are close-fitting might make your chest appear bigger. The same goes for large flashy prints on tops.

The right bra for the big bust

For ladies with a big bust, getting a well-fitting size is critical. More than 70% of women wear the wrong size bra because they don’t know how to decide their bra size. If the bra is worn inappropriately, it can result in strain, back discomfort, and even bad posture.

How to determine your bra size?

Two measurements are required to establish the right bra size: the underbust and bust measurements. Place the measuring tape around your chest where the band sits to get the diameter of the underbust. Place the measuring tape loosely over the largest area of your chest while measuring the diameter of your bust. You can then use the size chart to determine what band and cup size the value corresponds to.

Note: If you’re not sure how to figure out your bra size, get guidance from a bra fitting specialist.

Keep the following in mind as well, while you shop for a bra

  1. The underbust band runs horizontally along the back and the sides
  2. The bridge is close to the body. A broader bridge provides greater formand support.
  3. Your breasts should be entirely encircled by the cup. It shouldn’t be so small that it exposes your bust, nor should it be so large that the cups aren’t full.
  4. To provide proper support, the bra should be snug fitting below the chest.
  5. The bra can only relieve back pain if the straps are comfortably placed on your shoulders, so pay attention to this. In comparison to straps that cut into your shoulders and back, wide, seamless straps give maximum comfort.
  6. Padded straps and broader underbust bands, back sections, and bridges are common features of special bras for comfort and support when you have a big bust.
  7. Minimizer bras are worth considering if you want to conceal your breast size. They contour the breasts and can visually shrink the bust upto a cup size.

Some parting tips

A few last minute things to keep in mind

  • Look for darts, tight belts, and wrap-around styles to emphasise your waist
  • Voluminous skirts or trousers create a flattering effect by balancing the body
  • Heart-shaped or V-necked dresses and tops stretch the upper body, giving you a more balanced proportion.
  • Flowing fabrics and casually styled cuts are ideal for you.

Whether you want to show off your cleavage or hide your bust, your choice should be made with confidence. With the right cuts and a well-fitting bra, step out with a big smile and let the others envy your curvy silhouette.

To add more stylish picks to your wardrobe, you can take a quiz with StyleNook and let out expert stylists find the perfect size and outfits for you.

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