Style Tips for Tall Women

With the average Indian woman being 5.3”, finding outfits can be time-consuming if you are above the average. When you are above 5.7” it is assumed that you have got it right with your modelesque height. But in reality, all those extra inches can mean a struggle to find the dress with the length of your liking, skirts that are long enough to be worn for a formal outing, the trouser that comes past your ankle, and a blazer that doesn’t turn into a three-quarter-length crop jacket. 

We know adding length to clothes is pretty much impossible, so we have got some in-house experts who have got pro-styling tips up their sleeves to help you once again fall in love and appreciate your fabulous height. 

So wait no more and scroll further.

What is a Tall Body Shape?

A  tall body frame is all about height. There are 3 main characteristics of tall women: 

  • Your height is 5’7’’ or above and
  • Top sleeves and pants length often fall short.

Remember, this won’t all be the case for everyone. The tall body frame can be of all sizes and proportions, which means you may have legs that need a longer inseam, but may never really have an issue with sleeve length, and vice-versa.

Basic tips for tall women 

To get started, you should know:

  1. Your body shape:

You can be an apple, hourglass, straight, pear, or inverted triangle. Knowing your body shape helps in getting perfect fits for you.

  1. Your measurement:

Your inseam and arm lengths are important measurements for clothes that fit you well.

  1. Your Proportions:

If your seat ie the widest part of your hips is about halfway down your frame, you’re likely a true tall. If not, you may just need tall tops or pants, not both.

What to wear for a tall figure?

Now that you’ve determined whether you have a tall stature, let’s build you a wardrobe with the styles that will work best for you. 

Best tops for tall women

The sleeve length requires a subsequent amount of attention. A three-quarter sleeve can be a fantastic option for a good fit. 

  • The open silhouette of V-neck tops emphasizes the beautiful long neckline.
  • A blouse with a longer cut highlights the tall torsos
  • The tunic invigorates the look for a tall frame.
This particular tunic with the asymmetric hem works well for tall women

Best jackets for tall women

Longline coats fitted jackets and belted layers look great on tall ladies. If you choose a tailored one, make sure the conventional length and shape draw attention to your waist.

Belted long jackets such as this one over black pants will be stunning

Best dresses for tall women

Dresses with longer hemlines that strike precisely at the perfect spot are a key to seeking fit. If it’s the printed version, it’ll be a stunner for the occasion.

The calf-skimming hemline of a midi-length dress draws attention to your legs. You might also opt for a wrap dress, which is a flattering style for a tall frame like yours.

Polka dot longer dresses are perfect for evenings

Best jeans for tall women

  • A tall frame can look for denim brands with longer inseams.
  • If you want to add on a little more shape to your physique, flared jeans are a great option.
  • High-rise waists can also accentuate your legs and define your waistline.
  • Straight jeans are the way to go if you want to show off your long legs.

Best shoes and accessories for tall women

If you believe that shoes and accessories may alter your silhouette, you are correct. Surprisingly, they have a significant impact on your own style.

Strappy sandals, particularly in neutral hues, will make your legs appear to be miles long. You may also use pointy-toe shoes with your clothing to elongate your legs and overall appearance.

Don’t forget to utilize the belt to draw attention to your waist and show off your height.

If you’ve been hunting for the right fit for your tall figure, but haven’t been able to find it, we have some great options for you. Our qualified stylists have got that wand to create a magical wardrobe personalized for you.

Take your style quiz with, and ask our stylist to include clothing that flatters your frame

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